There are so many reasons why I am proud to be a foodie.
First, I am a more discerning person because of being a foodie. Since I get to try different cuisines, I can say that I know what I want when it comes to food. And I can stand by my choices and preferences because I know what I am talking about.
Second, being a foodie has helped me expand my world. I would not know that there are lots of great tasting food out there if I was not a foodie. I know now that I love the sophisticated food offered by the French, the wholesome dishes of Italian cuisine, the simplicity found in Japanese dishes, and the bursting flavors of Indian food. It is like I have traveled to different parts of the world through the food that I eat.
Third, I have come to know a lot of things because I am a foodie. I learned about how the dishes are prepared, about the traditional cooking methods used by the people where the cuisine originated, about recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next, about ingredients that are native in a particular area, about exotic food and surprisingly, how they are delicious after all. You learn all these stuff and you realize that you are educated and cultured through food. Food says a lot about a particular place where it came from. And that is the wonder of being a foodie. Foodies enjoy a privilege of being cultured through the food that they eat.
Last but not least, I have shared myknowledge about food with my family, friends, and people I meet. There is always something to talk about since everybody eats all the time. I love sharing what I learn about food as we bond over some more food!