Important Points for Garage Door Repair

Has your garage door start to act strange and you are worried that you are not able to perform this job. Well, here is good news for you that you do not need to handle it by yourself. You do not need to replace it with the new one.

All you have to do is to conduct simple fixes that will handle all your problems. Some fixes can be done without the help of a professional. But some problems are complicated and should be handled by the expert garage door repair service which has expertise and experience to do so. Otherwise, you might end up with injuries. You may cause more damages to your garage door than fixing it.  

Need for garage door repair

First of all, you should determine what type of problem you are facing with your functional garage door.  your garage door is not responding properly. Or it may do partial operations for opening or closing. Do you experience that the garage door opener is working but not open the garage door? You may be surprised that fixing work for each problem is different.

Which work does a garage door need?

Minor repair works normally associates with cleaning, lubricating, maintaining, and tightening the garage door parts like, springs, tracks, panels, and other loose components. You should check whether the power supply to the garage door opener is connected or not. There may be power failure for some reason due to which garage door might be stuck at any point. It will be left you surprised what went wrong with the garage door. 

Problems with garage door opener

When you are planning to conduct a garage door repair, you should first check the opening mechanism. If you have a standard garage door, you can easily carry out the fixing task, once you determine what is going wrong with the system. However, if you have a garage door with a torsion springs system, you will have to call an expert to help you with these projects. Garage door torsion springs are heavy components and placed under tremendous pressure which makes them more dangerous. Your one wrong move may make the situation worst.  

Other garage door problems

If you want to perform some temporary solutions for your garage door, you will have to disconnect the opener by pulling on the red string which is placed on the side of the garage door. It will allow you to operate the garage door manually. Be careful with the garage door spring because it may break down suddenly. Inspect all the moving parts and hardware to make sure that nothing is out of order.

Here you should check the position of springs to determine whether they are hooked on properly or not placed at the right place. You may face trouble while conducting garage door repair due to extreme tension imposed on the springs. You should try to adjust the springs by hooking them to the next notch. This action will make your work easier.

At the bottom, never forget that regular garage door maintenance is the best way to keep your garage door in good working conditions. It will ensure you that you will not need to spend buckets on garage door replacement and repair works

close up cooking cuisine | Pigalle NYC



Experience authentic French cuisine at Pigalle NYC. We have brought the very best of France to New York. Welcome to Pigalle NYC and we hope you enjoy our food.

Asseyez-vous s’il vous plait. Please sit down.

Dine in our restaurant which is located between 6th Avenue and 40th Streetin New York City. As you enter our doors, you will instantly be transported to France with pictures and decors that celebrate the French culture. See paintings of the medieval cities and pictures of alpine villages and the scenic Mediterranean beaches. Read our French magazines as you wait for our staff to serve your food and be updated about the latest in arts and fashion.  Know more about the rich culture and history of France inside the halls of our restaurant.


Menus | Pigalle NYC

Que voulez-vous manger?  What do you want to eat?

As promised, Pigalle NYC brings the very best of French cuisine to your dining table. French cuisine is known for our bread and cheese. You can also delight your palates with our creamy dishes and sauces for which the French are known for such as the bechamel sauce, hollandaise, and veloute. And of course, be prepared to be treated to a sumptuous meal of goose and duck. Our kitchen is filled with all the freshest ingredients and we have imported the special ingredients directly from different regions in France to be able to serve you our authentic French dishes.

Experience the sophistication of French cuisine right in the heart of New York.

Today’s dinner special consists of Black Lentil &Prosciutto Soup and Cream of Tomato & Basil Soup. For our main entrees, you can choose from our bestsellers. The Hazelnut Crisped Camembert is served on top of our delicious ginger and pear preserve petite mesclun salad. The Shellfish Gratinee is made of fresh seafood – Maine lobster, shrimps, crabmeat, and scallops served in a creamy sauce with mushrooms and fine cheese. Pair your meal with our carefully selected French wines in our cellar.


Avail of our gift cards which you can give to your friends as lovely gifts for birthdays and holidays. Amis pour Toujours. Friends forever. You can purchase your Pigalle NYC gift cards directly at our restaurant. Just approach our manager on duty. Or you can also buy your gift cards here on our website.


Catering Services | Pigalle NYC

Pigalle NYC offers catering services. You can inquire with our manager on duty regarding our party packages, rates, and inclusions. We can tailor fit the menu according to the occasion and of course, according to your preference and budget. We will help you plan the perfect french party for your family and friends.

You can choose to hold your meetings, reception, reunions, graduation parties, or any special occasion inside our restaurant. We have a seating capacity of 80 people. Or you can choose your own venue inside the garage doors in Las Vegas and we will provide you with our authentic French food and service.

Food Aventure | Pigalle NYC



I am a certified foodie. I love eating and that involves trying out different kinds of food. Sometimes, I take my family and friends with me on my food trips but there are also times when I go by myself. I do not mind being on my own especially when I am out on a food trip. For me, it is an adventure. There is something new to be discovered. My taste buds will be treated to different kinds of flavor. I get to try various dishes of different cuisines all over the world and in the process, know more about the history behind the food and even the culture of the people where it originated. Yousee, when I say that I am a foodie, I donot just eat food for the sake of eating. I eat food for the adventure. There are so many different kinds of foods out there. It would be a shame if you do not get to try them. It is like missing a big part of your life especially when you just eat the same food over and over again. I say try a different dish next time. Go to a restaurant featuring foreign cuisines. Ask their bestseller and try it out for yourself. Who knows this may be your next favorite dish! Imagine what you could be missing if you do not allow yourself to go on a food adventure. Of course, there are times when you will not really like the taste of the dish or the entire cuisine would not appeal to you but you can at least try and charge it to experience. Then, you will know a lot about food and a lot more about yourself. You get to be more discerning and you know your preferences. This is why I love going on food adventures!

Debutante's | Pigalle NYC



As they say, Paris is always a good idea. This young lady turned 18 today. She fell in love with France when her family went there on their Euro Tour thus the concept of her motif and design for her birthday reception. Of course, since it was the debutante’s wish, we filled the place with different images of France that would remind her of the best memories she had when she went there with her family. The iconic Eiffel Tower became the centerpiece of each table and it was also the topper for the three-tier cake at the center of the room to make the concept intact. The whole reception would not be complete without the assistance of Pillage who was our caterer for this momentous event in our debutante’s life. Pillage provides authentic French cuisine and their catering team was very courteous and professional all throughout the event. As with every event, food is very important. We chose Pillage because it went well with our Paris themed concept and of course, all the raves that they have been getting regarding their food and service. They did not disappoint at all. Their catering set up blended well with the decors set up by our design team.They added sophistication and elegance to the occasion which was very fitting to our theme. Our guests cannot stop raving about their food and service because for some of them, it was their first time to experience eating authentic French cuisine. And they got to taste the very best that France has to offer. Pillage really made our debutante’s reception complete. It was such a breeze working with them and they even suggested ways on how we can make the party more French. Thank You Pillage and happy 18th birthday to our dear princess!




There are so many reasons why I am proud to be a foodie.
First, I am a more discerning person because of being a foodie. Since I get to try different cuisines, I can say that I know what I want when it comes to food. And I can stand by my choices and preferences because I know what I am talking about.
Second, being a foodie has helped me expand my world. I would not know that there are lots of great tasting food out there if I was not a foodie. I know now that I love the sophisticated food offered by the French, the wholesome dishes of Italian cuisine, the simplicity found in Japanese dishes, and the bursting flavors of Indian food. It is like I have traveled to different parts of the world through the food that I eat.
Third, I have come to know a lot of things because I am a foodie. I learned about how the dishes are prepared, about the traditional cooking methods used by the people where the cuisine originated, about recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next, about ingredients that are native in a particular area, about exotic food and surprisingly, how they are delicious after all. You learn all these stuff and you realize that you are educated and cultured through food. Food says a lot about a particular place where it came from. And that is the wonder of being a foodie. Foodies enjoy a privilege of being cultured through the food that they eat.
Last but not least, I have shared myknowledge about food with my family, friends, and people I meet. There is always something to talk about since everybody eats all the time. I love sharing what I learn about food as we bond over some more food!

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